The september when - can i trust you

For a great observing challenge, look for the pairing of the planet Mercury with Regulus, the lead star in the constellation Leo, low in the eastern sky about 45 minutes before your local sunrise. Your best bet is to scan for the duo just above the horizon during the morning twilight.

The ten September constellations contain several notable groups such as Aquila, the eagle, Capricornus, the sea goat, and Cygnus, the swan. There are only a few notable deep sky objects found in these constellations. The famous Dumbbell Nebula is located in Vulpecula. This planetary nebula was formed when a star shed its outer layer of gas. The name comes from its unmistakable hourglass shape, which resembles a weight lifter's dumbbell. The rest of the objects are star clusters. Capricornus and Sagitta each contain a globular cluster while Cygnus contains two open clusters. A few interesting bright stars can be found in the September sky. Aquila is the home of Altair, the 11th brightest star in the sky. Deneb, located in Cygnus, is part of a visual formation known as the Summer Triangle. Click on any constellation below for more information.

The September When - Can I Trust YouThe September When - Can I Trust YouThe September When - Can I Trust YouThe September When - Can I Trust You